The Interfibe Story
Interfibe Corporation was established in 1982 by three entrepreneurs whose common goal was to produce a fibrillated cellulose product to replace products considered less environmentally-friendly. After extensive research and testing, Interfibe cellulose fiber products were developed from post consumer coated paper stock and today, are considered unique and unlike any other similar products on the market.

Building for the Future
With the construction of its computer-controlled manufacturing plant in 1994, Interfibe developed the "Jet Process" manufacturing method, which created more efficient and unique fibers for a large array of chemical processing industries - ranging from adhesive and sealants to friction materials. It also increased production and provided faster turn-around time. The new facility continues to develop additional products to satisfy its fast-growing industrial client base.

International Growth
In order to reinforce its position within the cellulose processing industry worldwide, Interfibe established an invaluable international corporate base with the addition of German partner, J. Rettenmaier & Sohne.

Invaluable Benefits
Today, companies are realizing the increased material benefits by adding Interfibe cellulose fibers to their materials. Customers can choose from a variety of cellulose products, all with varying characteristics of fiber length, absorption qualities and many other features to meet their specific manufacturing and usage needs.

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Portage Fiber Plant
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