Arbocel ProductsApplication
FT Acrylic block filler
5FT, GCW10, 566 Acrylic roof coating, Acrylic textured paint
FT, FTP Acrylic tennis court coatings, cushion coats for recreational surfaces

Interfibe FT and 5FT, have been commercially used in many texture formulas. Interfibe Gel-Cel W10 and 566 are super-fine grades for adding additional body and texture to coatings formulas.

Adding Interfibe cellulose fibers in coatings can:

  • Reduce weight, reduce resin demand and dramatically improve finished coating consistency.

Asphalt Coatings

Arbocel Products Application
GC10, GC-66, FT Aluminum roof coating
FT, FTP Asphalt pavement resurfacers, Rubberized cold-pour crack fillers
JMM, FT, JMC Asphalt roof coating
230, ETF, JMC Asphalt roof cement
GC10 Asphalt undercoating

  • Provide high oil absorption at low levels of addition
  • Are an ideal functional filler due to their excellent viscosity-building characteristics and low cost
  • Have appearance and physical characteristics of an asbestos filler product.
  • Control rheology, film thickness and internal reinforcement in the coating