Interfibe.  Natural Fiber Solutions

Source and Description
PetFibe™ is a unique fiber developed specifically for pet food applications. Purified and mechanically disintegrated it is obtained as a pulp from fibrous plant materials and contains 90% minimum total dietary fiber. PetFibe™ is biodegradable, non-hazardous and non-toxic. It consists of modified cellulose fibers with an incredibly high surface area produced by a proprietary process that fibrillates the fiber ends. This results in significantly increased surface activity which is considerably more beneficial in the gut then traditional straight-line cellulose fibers.

PetFibe™ is the result of cooperative development between Interfibe Corp. of Portage, MI and The Peterson Company of Battle Creek, MI. Interfibe Corp. is a recognized leader in numerous industrial fiber applications. It’s production facilities are truly stateof-the-art with ongoing R + D that continues to secure their position as innovative leaders in fiber applications.

Suggested Usage
Dietary fiber is important in maintaining the health of dogs and cats. It has a significant role in the reduced incidence of diabetes, irritable bowl disease, colitis and colon carcinoma. It also helps in maintaining a balanced intestinal microflora and aids in preventing the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Dietary fiber content also impacts several response criteria in dogs and cats, including food intake, intestinal transit time, nutrient digestibility and nutrient metabolism.

PetFibe™ can be formulated into dry, canned and treat products for dogs and cats at the recommended levels necessary to accommodate the above benefits. It can also be employed as an effective ingredient in feline hair-ball products and dental care formulations as part of the microabrasion mechanism. It is essentially neutral in palatability and will take on the flavor profile of its surrounding ingredients. It also has the unique functional characteristic of absorbing both lipophyilic and hydrophyilic liquids.