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Meeting the Demands of SMA

Interfibe Corporation, the industry leader in engineered fiber research and product design since 1981, has developed and manufactured a wide variety of fiber products for use in a remarkably broad range of asphalt applications. Interfibe has engineered lightweight cellulose fibers through a proprietary process which separates fiber bundles into essentially intact individual fibers that yield greater surface area and strength.

With demands on road surfaces due to increased auto and truck traffic, there was a required change to a proven asphalt overlay that would meet the needs of the present and future. Overlays required a stabilizer to prevent separation of the asphalt from the aggregate commonly referred to as “drain down.”

Interfibe met these needs, and Road-Cel’s specifications were adopted by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration as the guideline for cellulose stabilizers in SMA (Stone Matrix Asphalt) and OGFC (Open Graded Friction Course) applications. Both asphalt mixtures – SMA (Stone Matrix Asphalt) and OGFC (Open Graded Friction Course) – have proven to last longer and to consistently out-perform conventional dense grade mixtures.

Interfibe patented the process of metering cellulose fibers into hot mix plants. (U.S. Patents issued: No. 5,407,139 and NO. 5,529,247) Working together with Tarmac Manufacturing, we extended our technology to meter BigBlock (600# block) and provide the contractor with a semi-automated method for introducing cellulose fiber into the mix. BigBlock saves labor costs thus making jobs more profitable by:

  • Reducing labor needed to fill metering equipment;
  • Creating a semi-automated system;
  • Weather-proof packaging material enables it to be shipped on flat bed trucks directly to the contractors hot mix plant. The packaging provides for ease of unloading and storage;
  • A variety of packaging weights meets the demands of each asphalt contractor.
With SMA mixtures being used and tested in more than 30 states within the U.S., and many countries worldwide rapidly adopting SMA standards and guidelines, the need for in-spec material and calibrated metering equipment is inevitable. Superior performance on highways, airport runways, intersections and loading areas has proven that SMA surfaces last longer, reduce maintenance, add comfort and safety features and cost less over a surface’s life cycle.

Interfibe has more than 30 sales and warehouse locations worldwide to provide customers with expert technical assistance as well as ready-to-ship product. Please visit our website: